MMXX Downloads

Before downloading, please read about the status of the current release on the main page.

File releases contain the MMXX sources, test suite sources, and skeleton projects for a variety of OS/compiler combinations.

The latest tarball snapshot can be found on the SourceForge file releases page.

These are usually tested (summarily, by way of the 'basictest' test project) on the reference platforms (Linux/gcc, Windows/MSVC and Mac/CodeWarrior) prior to uploading.

MMXX is also available through CVS.

However, since the original author is currently still handling most of the development work, the MMXX source code in the CVS repository is usually not much more bleeding edge than the latest development release. That is not likely to be the case for the documentation, test suites, and various platform-specific build scripts, however.

Other files (including MMXX-enabled demo executables) can be found on the FTP site.

Currently the only demo app available is MUTester, a testing app for a cross-platform framework built atop MMXX and aimed at computer music applications. The only executable available at the moment is for PowerPC MacOS systems. The application has been 'cut in two' - the core MU framework classes built atop Metrowerks' PowerPlant framework in the application executable (demonstrating how MMXX classes can integrate with non-MMXX trees), and the runtime-linked MU widget library (derived from the core MU classes.)


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