Version 1.0d6 released, introducing library auto-loading support on all platforms by way of lib2020 (greatly simplifying the module stack when libraries that the executable depends on are involved,) adds support for cross-module operator overloading (including completed support for copy constructors and copy assignment operators), a hundred API revisions and ten trillion internal improvements, a restructured exception model, bug fixes, and a new sample project called libtest.


  Version 1.0d5 released, adding the twentifier and mmxxsupgen tools and another zillion internal and API revisions. The runtime linker was completed and now implements all of the required behavior, particularly with respect to multiple stacked modules. A new, 150-line sample project called toolstest was added to demonstrate the simplicity of using the tools. Documentation was expanded. Tool binary snapshots were uploaded to the FTP site.


  Version 1.0d4 released, adding support for cross-module exceptions, functors, working metastubs, and about a zillion internal and API revisions. Documentation marginally expanded, platform support revised.


  Web site opened, developer package v.1.0d3 released.

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